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Law Enforcement Log

April 6

" A man and his wife said kids had been coming to the next door apartment all night long and had been banging on the door and making a lot of noise. The man and his wife got sick of the noise and hollered at one of the kids to quit making so much noise. The kid then came and pounded on the door and took off, possibly on bike or by foot. An officer was unable to find the kid.

April 5

" A truck sitting in the lot at a local auto dealership had been jacked up and put on blocks. The tires and rims had been removed. The theft occurred sometime during the night. An officer spoke with employees at the dealership and the estimated value of the tires and rims is between $1,000 and $1,200. An investigation is pending.

" A woman said her ex-boyfriend had been calling and harassing her. The woman showed an officer her cell phone that had 10 calls from her ex-boyfriend between 3:19 a.m. and 3:43 a.m. The ex-boyfriend left a voice message telling the woman he would continue bothering her until she answered. In the morning, she went outside and found the passenger side tires on her vehicle had been slashed. Shes not sure if her ex-boyfriend had slashed the tires or not. An officer told the woman to change her cell phone and file for a harassment order if she felt it was necessary. The officer told the ex-boyfriend not to contact the woman or he would be charged with harassment. The man told the officer that he wouldnt call the woman, but he said she continues to call him and often stays with him during the night.

" A man said someone took his car the night before and returned it with a bunch of dents on it. The man said his car was parked on the street in front of his home and he had left his keys in the ignition. During the night, unknown individuals allegedly took the car without permission and drove it around and abused it, causing damage to the left and right sides of the vehicle. Pieces of wood, possibly from a telephone pole, were found wedged in the right front door area. The owner of the car said he spoke to his neighbor and she said she heard a man about 1 a.m. yell, go, go, go! The car had been driven around and returned to where it was taken. Nothing was taken from the car and the interior wasnt damaged. The driver and passenger seats were left in a reclined position, as if it had been driven by a younger individual.

" A man said his vehicle was entered during the night by an unknown person and a cottage cheese container filled with coins was taken from the console. It had many quarters and some Canadian dollar coins. The man found his cigarettes on the ground in front of the vehicle. An officer spoke to the man and told him that it would be wise to bring inside any valuables and lock the vehicle if it was left outside.

" Officers were sent to the report of a man forcefully entering a home. A woman who lived at the home was there along with a man who had lived with her for about two years. The woman now has an order for protection against the man. The woman said she kicked him out of her home after a lot of abuse and problems. She has told him numerous times to stay away from her and her home. The woman lives at the home with her 18-year-old son. The woman said she and her son were inside when all of a sudden the back door was kicked open and the man who used to live with her entered the home and walked into her bedroom. He began talking to her as if nothing was wrong. The woman said she tried to call 911, but she hung up so she wouldnt provoke him. She said she left the home to take her son to school, leaving the man inside her home. Her son called the police department from school, telling dispatch that the man was at the home and police were needed. The woman returned to her home shortly before officers arrived and said she wasnt harmed at all. The woman showed an officer how she uses boards placed under doorknobs to barricade the doors because she is afraid of the man and doesnt want him around. The man was taken out of the home, was handcuffed and arrested for burglary, violation of a restraining order and trespassing. The man was on probation for numerous other violations and charged in another county for drug possession.

April 3

" A bank manager reviewed videotapes from the weekend and saw a man had set up a religious shrine in the lobby. The manager showed the items to an officer and pictures of how the items were displayed. The items were of a religious nature. The videotape from the security camera showed a man bringing in the items and setting up displays. He didnt appear to be interested in anything inside the bank but focused only on the display and admired it for a minute. The bank manager said there had been similar incidents such as religious booklets dropped into the night deposit box and envelopes slid under the door with a message asking a loan officer to help feed the starving children. The bank called this time because of the items left behind and having a videotape to look at. The items left in the lobby were: a piece of paper that said please help $ (donations) for starving children, a pink bear and a picture of Jesus with the words Lenten daily devotions, a small purple beanie bear, a framed picture of Jesus and a booklet about helping the Jewish elderly and orphans. There wasnt a crime, but the manager was concerned about anything that might happen in the future.

" A woman woke up to a dog growling and barking outside her bedroom window. The womans husband went outside and saw footprints. Officers searched the area but did not find anything suspicious. Extra patrol was requested in the area. The woman has a restraining order against her ex-husband.

" A woman said her boyfriend had slapped and hit her in the truck while they were driving to Wadena from Staples. She was at a gas station and the boyfriend took her cell phone and left. In an interview, the woman said she had been dating the man for about a year and he was still married but in the process of getting a divorce. They had gone to a bar in Staples and had been drinking. After being at the bar, they went to a pawn shop and the boyfriend bought two gold bracelets. The woman asked him if one was for his wife and said she was joking. The boyfriend hit her on the side of her head. They left Staples and headed west toward Wadena. During the drive to Wadena, the woman said her boyfriend grabbed her ponytail, hit her on both sides of her face with his right fist, and at one point grabbed her throat. When they were at a stoplight in Wadena, the woman jumped out of the vehicle and ran to a gas station. The woman asked cashiers to call 911. The boyfriend followed the woman into the gas station and physically tried to make the woman go with him but she refused. He took the womans cell phone from her purse and left. There were several witnesses at the gas station. Deputies found the boyfriend in Otter Tail County and arrested him on probable cause for domestic assault. The woman said she would apply for an order for protection.

April 2

" A caller reported a white sport utility vehicle driving recklessly. The vehicle passed on the right side and then drove in front of the caller. The vehicle was headed south on Jefferson Street in Wadena. Officers were unable to find the vehicle.

" A man reported a red truck stolen. The truck was parked in his driveway and the keys were left in the cup holder inside his unlocked truck. While having the vehicle entered into the state computer, someone called and said a red truck was parked in his backyard. An officer went to the home and it was the same truck that was reported stolen. The officer didnt see any footprints or other evidence. Inside the unlocked vehicle, the key was found on the seat and money that was in the ash tray was still there. The owner of the truck said it wasnt damaged.

April 1

" A parent was having problems with a juvenile daughter and her friends. The parent was concerned that the girls would leave with a truckload of boys that was driving past.

" Dispatch received a loud noise complaint. Loud music was coming from a nearby parking lot. When an officer arrived, 15 to 20 vehicles were in the lot. The crowd dispersed, and people were cooperative.

March 30

" A woman called 911 and a dispatcher heard yelling and a woman telling someone not to hit her anymore. The woman was laughing when she said not to hit her again. She was very drunk. The man and woman were given information to talk to someone about their situation and the man was asked to leave the home for the night.

Law enforcement also handled the following: traffic 5; parking violation 1; property damage motor vehicle accident 2; public assist 1; speeding 1; dog at large 2; public assist 3. This information is from the Wadena Police Department and Wadena Sheriffs Department incident reports.