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Summer rec must make a new start

With springs just! around-the corner, the city/school summer recreation program is still in limbo.

Whats good is that both the city and school seem to be determined to ensure the programs that benefit kids go on as usual.

Whats bad is that the summer recreation program seems to be in an uproar, with board members resigning and a fair share of finger pointing from both sides.

However, at least one decision has the mark of cooperation. The city and school have agreed to split the summer recreation debt of $5,000. The recommendation came from the committee working on the summer rec program. The city and school did not agree on changing the fiscal agent from the city to the school, and honestly, it does seem like a bad idea to switch the agent in the middle of the fiscal year. Perhaps that issue can be revisited at budget time.

It will take representatives from the city and the school, as well as other devoted community members, to make this work. The city and school programs are vital to this community, and it only makes sense that the two entities would work together for the betterment of the area. Maybe it will take a work session of the full boards hammering out solutions to this problem.

Its time to let go of the past. Its time to start fresh with a new summer, a new budget and new attitude. Let adults show the kids what cooperation is really all about.