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Living history: WDC cuts budget by $513,583 total

15 years ago

Excerpts from the April 19, 2001 Pioneer Journal

• WDC cuts budget by $513,583 total

The wadena-Deer Creek school board approved $43,688 worth of additional budget cuts April 16, bringing the total up to $513,583.

According to Superintendent Earl Mathison, this should end the budget cuts for now.

"As attrition occurs, however, the school will continue to look at how they can tighten the belt before moving forward," he said.

Budget belt-tightening calls for the elimination of one girl's swimming coach position and a reduction in assistant coaching positions.

According to the budget report, this will reduce assistance coaches in various sports, but will add them back in if the number of participants warrants it.

In addition to the position cuts, WDC will enter into a coaching agreement with Staples to save money.

Both WDC and Staples are looking for a new gymnastics coach for next season, Mathison told the board monday night. By sharing a gymnastics coach with Staples, the school will save $4,000. The saved $4,000 is the amount Staples will pay to utilize WDC's services.

Last month the school board cut $469,895 from their budget, eliminating two elementary teacher positions, half of an elementary music position and half of an elementary physical education position.

Despite these cuts, WDC can still offer a quality education.

WDC will still have its full elementary program and its fourth through sixth grade choirs, Mathison said.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the April 20, 1977 Pioneer Journal

• Skalman resigns as chief

Paul Skalman resigned Monday as Wadena fire chief.

Skalman, who was elected to the post Jan. 5, said he had "personal" reasons for stepping down.

• Vandals damage greens at Terrace golf course

Vandals damaged greens on the Terrace golf course two miles north of Staples Sunday, it was reported by the Wadena Sheriff's Office.

Deputy County Sheriff Greg Schmitz said that vandals used a car spinning around on the course tearing up some of the greens. An investigation is continuing into the incident.

• Highway contract 'hopefully' reached

A tentative agreement on a 1977 contract has been reached between Wadena County and International Union of Operating Engineers No. 49, which represents the highway department employees.The county board met monday afternoon with the union's business agent Dennis Bodin and State mediator W.C. Anderson.

"Hopefully we've come to an agreement," Board Chairman Thorval Johnson said. He and bodin would take the proposal to the highway department employees and, if it is accepted, details of the contract will be released.

70 years ago

Excerpts from the April 17, 1947 Pioneer Journal

• Fire department of Menahga is legalized by Joe Lorentz Bill

Menahga will have a "legal" volunteer fire department again with the passage of a bill introduced in the state legislature by Representative Joe Lorentz of Wadena County. The bill has been passed by the house and was sent to the senate last week.

Rep. Lorentz introduced the bill, providing that social and charitable organizations whose period of limitations has expired can renew their charter within 22 years at the request of the fire department.

The department let their charter lapse nine years ago, Lorentz said, and "in effect, have been operating illegally since then. This bill should fix everything up and make all their work valid."

The organization is a businessmen's social club as well as a volunteer fire department, Lorentz explained.

"When there's a fire, all the store owners run out to help fight it."