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WDC welcomes foreign exchange students

Wadena-Deer Creek (WDC) High School welcomed 14 foreign-exchange students recently by hosting a “Welcome-to-WDC” luncheon.

The foreign-exchange students are staying with families in the WDC School District. Each student is sponsored through an international organization, such as Nacel Open Door, International Student Exchange (ISE), and Aspect Foundation Student Exchange.

• Jangwoo “Jared” Chung (S. Korea) – Jay and Stacy Miller family, Nacel, 1st semester only

• Frida Osterwind (Germany) – Crystal Riddle family, Nacel, 1st semester only

• Maria Osorio Gonzalez (Mexico) – Amos and Melodee Self family, Nacel

• Shunsuke “Shun” Nozawa (Japan) – Kimberly Roggenkamp family, Aspect Foundation

• Elias Lehti (Finland) – Robert and Alesha Sutherland family, ISE

• Fitri Nurandianti (Indonesia) – Heather Bullock family, Nacel

• Maria Garces Cubells (Spain) – Monty and Kari Hassa family, Nacel

• Anandita Devitarianti (Indonesia) – Crystal Riddle family, Nacel

• Fernando Buxade Porta Lopez (Mexico) – Jason and Michelle Allred Family, Nacel

• Levente “Levi” Boross (Hungary) – George and Cynthia Behl family, Nacel

• Max Gottlob (Germany) – Chuck and Diane Webb family, Aspect Foundation

• Sandra Kucharczyk (Germany) – Leon and Rose Dahlvang family, ISE

• Bruno Orlandin (Brazil) – George and Cynthia Behl family, Nacel

• Ziqiu “Caroline” Zhang (China) – Tina Wedde family, Nacel

At the Welcome-to-WDC luncheon, Friends of Rachel (WDC’s anti-bullying student group) and foreign-exchange students munched on American favorites, pizza and pop. Friends of Rachel members at the luncheon included Ricky Price, Hailey Formo, Jacob Johnson and Michaela Lehmkuhl. WDC High School Counselor Toni Kraska and WDC Activities Director Norm Gallant were also on hand for the luncheon.

Despite the little surprises that come along with experiencing a different culture, the foreign-exchange students eagerly anticipate the upcoming school year, when they will have the opportunity to meet new people, polish their English fluency and learn about the United States, Minnesota and WDC as they share the culture of their hometowns with that of their exchange community.

According to Kraska, hosting a foreign exchange program at WDC helps to increase the foreign exchange student’s understanding of our culture, as well as improving their language skills.

“WDC students also benefit from learning about diversity, as well as getting to know international students and their cultures. It broadens their social horizons,” Kraska said.