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August 31 Police Scanner

Aug. 19

• A rural Wadena County resident reported a spray plane flew over his house. A deputy contacted the complainant who said the plane was not spraying as it flew over. The deputy asked for information identifying the spray plane but the complainant could not give details and decided to drop the complaint. The complainant then said he would contact the sheriff about overweight trucks hauling potatoes.

Aug. 20

• The Walmart Pharmacy in Wadena informed the Wadena Police Department they had received a fraudulent prescription. The suspect was in a checkout line when an officer arrived. He left the line and walked away when he saw the officer. The man told the officer he was in line to ask about diet pills. The suspect did not attempt to pick up the prescription. The officer noticed he was sweating profusely and continually wetting his lips. Walmart records showed the man attempted to obtain drugs the same way in 2011.

Aug. 21

• Police arrested a man when he slammed a door in their face after a PBT test.

Aug. 22

• An adult female was arrested for disorderly conduct at a Wadena apartment complex. The complainant alleged the woman was screaming, hollering, using foul language, banging on doors and calling other tenants names.

• The Wadena Police Department ran a check on an abandoned vehicle in a parking lot from the license plate number. The identification came back as “JUNK.”

• A woman reported her husband hit a horse while operating his vehicle. The woman said she did not believe the vehicle was damaged and she did not think the horse had been hurt.

Aug. 23

• A caller complained about kids throwing apples at passing cars. An officer spoke with the complainant who identified the suspects. The officer made them clean the street and contacted their parents. The street was cleaned very well and the suspects apologized to the complainant. Punishment was left to the discretion of the parents.

• A driver got a verbal warning for failure to move over for an emergency vehicle. The deputy had to hug the side of his car to make sure the vehicle did not hit him.

Aug. 24

• A caller alleged a lot of screaming and hollering going on and someone calling for help. An officer searched the area for several minutes but did not hear anything.

• A complainant told police a silver SUV had been parked by his residence for the past 45 minutes. An officer spoke with the occupants of the vehicle who said they were waiting to meet someone for baby clothes. The officer asked them to move to another location.

• A woman called to report that a co-worker had called asking if she could take her work shift because she had just been assaulted by her husband. A deputy responded to the co-worker’s address and was unable to make contact with anyone.

Aug. 25

• A caller informed police a female was attempting to damage his vehicle. An officer spoke with the suspect who was in an intoxicated state. The suspect told the officer she was following a cat. The female was told to return to her residence.

• Fire destroyed a camper. The Staples Fire Department extinguished the remains of the fire. A man was found asleep in another camper on the same lot.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.