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July 27 Police Scanner

July 15

• The Wadena Sheriff’s office advised the Minnesota State Patrol, Todd County and the Staples Police Department when two small children were reported to be riding their bicycles on Highway 10 between County Road 26 and Staples. The kids were taken into custody and told police their last name and where they lived. Police went to the residence but did not find anyone at home.

July 16

• A caller asked to speak with an officer in reference to a trumpet. The caller believed the trumpet might be stolen but would not provide the police with any other information. A deputy returned the call but was unable to set up a meeting with him. The caller then said he had decided to go ahead and sell the instrument.

July 17

• A woman asked to speak with an officer regarding an alleged series of texts and posts on Facebook that she regarded as threats. She was advised of her right to file a Harassment Restraining Order (HRO).

• A complainant reported a man in his late 20s who was peddling extra tar and wearing a traffic vest. The man told her he worked for a Bemidji company. The complainant thought it could be a ruse.

July 18

• A man was reported for attempting to fool a cashier by exchanging small bills for large ones and then large bills for small ones. The cashier advised the suspect she was short on cash and was unable to make the exchange. Police were provided with a description of the man and the vehicle he was driving. The vehicle was registered to a woman living in Devils Lake, N.D.

July 19

• A man asked for a welfare check on his sons who were residing with their mother in Wadena. The man said he had not heard from them since July 4.

• Police were informed by a county resident that one of his neighbors was putting a rope across 390th Street between the caller’s driveway and 181st Avenue.The caller said the action was part of an ongoing property dispute between his neighbor and himself. Police informed him it was a civil issue and advised him to contact his attorney.

• A man asked police to remove a belligerent female who was moving out of a residence in Sebeka. Both parties were advised they should attempt to work out their differences. They were told that if they could not the female would have to obtain a court order to remove the rest of her property.

July 20

• A caller complained about dogs at the Wadena Humane Society that were barking continuously for the entire day. The caller and his neighbors were requesting the police talk with the Humane Society. An officer did speak with a society representative who said the issue has been an ongoing one and the complainant had been told numerous times the block was a commercial one and if he did not like it he could move. Police contacted the complainant and informed him nothing could be done. The complainant said he was going to contact an attorney.

• A complainant called police and informed them they believed someone was looking into their residence. They complainant alleged she was watching them with the use of a security camera. A deputy arrived to investigate and checked the property. He determined nothing had been tampered with and was informed the residence had been broken into a couple of years before. While the deputy was still on the premises the complainants noticed a flash of light in the trees behind the residence. The deputy investigated and determined the light was caused by a reflection of the yard light off the bird feeder. The person making the complaint agreed the yard light was causing the reflection.

• A male resident at the Staples Care Center entered a room where a female resident was lying down and told her to leave. The female told him it was her room and no physical altercation took place.

July 21

• A complainant told police a large group of people were fighting in a parking lot on Second Street Northwest. The complainant identified one of the females in the fight.

• Police received a report that a fight involving more than 20 people was reported to be taking place inside and outside the Huntersville Outpost.

• A woman went to a residence and found her ex-boyfriend passed out on the couch amid a litter of empty beer cans. She noticed a rifle next to the couch and asked for a welfare check.  An officer investigated and found everything to be okay.

• A complainant allegedly saw a dog chasing a neighbor boy and informed a police officer she had called the mayor but the matter had been referred to law enforcement. She was informed by a deputy that sheriff’s office does not enforce a city ordinance unless it becomes a dangerous dog situation or a bite occurs. The complainant said she had been bit some time before but had not reported it. The complainant was not happy with the officer’s answers and was informed that she needed to take up the issue with the city council.

July 22

• A woman informed the sheriff’s office that her son was involved in an accident on his way home from work sometime after 2 a.m. Her son was unsure what happened. A co-worker gave him a ride home from the accident site. The vehicle was out in a field and appeared to have rolled twice. A small tree was embedded in the front corner of the vehicle on the passenger’s side. Both airbags were deployed. There was no odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle and no beer cans were found outside the vehicle. The investigating officer found an empty case of Bud Light beer in the trunk.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.