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July 6 Police Scanner

June 25

• A complainant working at the Wadena County Fairgrounds alleged his boss threatened to shoot him with a shotgun.

• A car vs. bicycle rider encounter was reported in front of Pizza Ranch but both operators were gone by the time police arrived.

• A woman’s daughter and son-in-law told police it sounded like the woman’s mother had been the victim of a scam and had sent several thousand dollars to other countries.

June 26

• A complainant said someone was on her roof and had dismantled a motion sensor light. An officer responded and did not see anyone on the roof or any sign someone had been up on the roof.

• A Wadena County deputy responded to a request by Otter Tail County to check on a vehicle on County Road 75 that appeared to have been involved in a crash. The deputy did not find anyone around the car but noted that both air bags had been deployed. It appeared the vehicle had hit a deer. The deputy found light to moderate damage to the front end of the vehicle.

A caller reported an older man came to his house and stole a light fixture right in front of him. The caller did not know who the man was or where he lived. He said he did not want the man back on his property. He was advised to ask the man to leave his property if he returned.

June 27

• A woman reported hearing a large bang which shook her house and asked to see a police officer.

• An adult female was observed pushing a shopping cart from Super One without paying for the food in the cart. The suspect was identified and was issued a Trespass Notice which indicated what would happen if she returned to Super One property.

• A group of juveniles were reported for having a fire. An investigation showed the fire was contained in a fire ring. The fire appeared to be larger than it was because they were using wet wood.

• A burglary took place on Southwest Third Street. The front door was found open but a safety chain was in place.

• A complainant in Verndale reported seeing a 10-year-old boy in the back of a pickup truck which the driver was operating in an unsafe manner. A deputy spoke with and adult female who said they had just returned from Perham, that her son was with her and that no one else would have access to his keys.

• A caller alleged a vulnerable adult inmate had a sexual relationship with a Residential Living Solutions staff member while he was working there. The caller said he would be sending a report on the matter.

• A vehicle hit a cow on Highway 71 but no emergency medical services were required  for the passengers.

June 28

• Evidence was found that a woman’s door was kicked in while she was visiting the fair.

• A deputy issued a citation to a driver for speed. When the deputy asked the driver if he was watching his speed he told the officer “I was only going 65-70.” The driver also told the deputy he had been stopped and warned for speeding. When the officer explained the citation the driver asked him what the speed limit was. The officer advised him of the speeding laws in Minnesota.

• The welfare of a three-year-old child prompted a call from a woman who told police she had been hearing yelling and loud noises coming from the apartment late at night. The caller believed adults were responsible for the noise.

June 29

• Police responded to a report from a Wadena Pioneer Journal employee that someone had attempted to break the window in a rear door.

• A woman reported her vehicle alarm kept going off and was not sure if someone was trying to gain entry into the car. The officer who investigated advised the woman to take the vehicle to John’s Car Care and have the alarm sensor checked.

• A barking dog alerted a woman to the fact that the lights were on inside her daughter’s car for a brief time and then went off. A deputy met with the woman who said the family has had issues in the past with people coming into their yard. A security system was in place but it was not fully operational. The deputy checked all vehicles on the property but found nothing.

• A lifeguard at the city beach in Menahga reported the presence of an intoxicated female. She was in the water being supported by friends because she could not stand on her own. The lifeguards requested all swimmers leave the city beach for the remainder of the day.

June 30

• A person reported a sink hole in the middle of the road just south of 348th Street in Wadena County. The five-foot sink hole was located over a culvert. Barricades were placed at the scene by the highway department.

• Two dozen cattle were reported on the road just east of Wahoo Valley. A deputy responded and spoke with the possible owner but found no evidence of any cattle in road ditches or on the roadway. The complainant was reached by phone and told the deputy the direction the cattle had taken. The complainant was not from the area and admitted some confusion about exactly what road they saw the cattle on. A check of the area failed to locate the herd.

July 1

• A medium-sized black dog tried to attack a passerby but the caller said a neighbor was keeping the dog at bay with a shovel.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.