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Old Carter Oil building, city pool to be demolished later this summer

The days are numbered for both the former Carter Oil building in downtown Wadena and the last remnants of the outdoor pool near Highway 29 just north of Wadena Cemetery. On Tuesday, the Wadena City Council voted to hire TJ Waln Excavating of Wadena to demolish Carter Oil, located at 15 Colfax Ave SW, and the old City Pool at 310 Seventh St SW. According to project bids submitted to the city, the pool will cost $7,300 to destroy, and Carter Oil will cost $11,250 for a total of $18,550.

City Administrator Swenson said the pool was damaged in the 2010 tornado, and the city’s plan was to refurbish it in the event sufficient funding was not acquired for a newer, indoor pool in the planned Wellness Center. Since the indoor pool was funded, the city can now proceed with demolishing the remains of the outdoor pool facility. The pool’s demolition will be funded entirely with grants from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Swenson said. There are no future plans for the space at this time.

The former Carter Oil Building served as a gas station until the company went out of business. The building was bought by the city, which plans to raze it to make way for an expansion of the municipal library. Until the city can fund that expansion, the space formerly occupied by the Carter Oil Building will likely become a parking lot, Swenson said. Funding for the demolition of Carter Oil will come out of the city’s General Fund budget, he said.

Swenson said the process for getting rid of both structures would be over with relatively quickly.

“I don’t foresee it taking more than a couple of days to do either one of them,” he said.

No explosives will be used for the demolition, Swenson said.