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Wadena residents warned about daytime burglaries

The Wadena Police Department is investigating several daytime burglaries that have been reported in the city of Wadena where personal property was stolen.  Officers received a report of an attempted burglary on June 3 where the suspect fled after the complainant observed someone attempting entry into their residence.Officers were unfortunately unable to capture that individual at that time.

Please be aware of your surroundings, your neighbors and lock your homes including your windows and doors when you are not home.  You should also keep a list of items inside your home and document the serial numbers when appropriate.  Do not keep expensive of valuable items in your vehicles either, and call your local law enforcement if you see or suspect anything suspicious.

The public can help by being extra observant and immediately calling 911 if they witness any suspicious activity; as much detail as possible should be provided when reporting suspicious activity.  Homeowners should take extra precautions to secure their property.

Prevention Reminders

·        Keep garage doors closed and locked when not in use, even during the day or if you are working in your backyard.

·        Encourage neighbors to remain alert and immediately report suspicious activity by calling 911.

·        Keep your valuables in an unlikely place (the bedroom is often the first place a burglar will look).

·        Document valuables by recording serial and model numbers.  Take pictures of unique items such as jewelry and artwork.

·        Use quality, heavy duty, deadbolt locks with at least a 1-inch throw bolt; align with a heavy duty strike plate and secured with 3-inch screws.

·        Secure sliding glass doors.

·        Create the illusion that you are home by using timers on lights.  Have someone collect your mail and newspapers if you are not home.

·        Whether parked inside the garage or in the driveway, keep vehicles locked.  Do not leave valuable items inside your vehicles.  Items most commonly stolen include: purses/wallets, GPS units and laptop computers.

If you have any information regarding these incidents or you believe you know who the suspect(s) is, please contact the Wadena Police Department at 218-631-7700.