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June 15 Police Scanner

June 3

•K9 assistance was used after a woman reported hearing banging on her door and later discovered a man inside her home. The man fled when discovered. Police were given a description but were unable to locate him.

•A complainant gave the description of a car which she alleged sits on County Road 23 beginning at 9 a.m. and remains there for about one hour before departing. The car was driven by a woman. An officer investigated but was unable to locate the vehicle. The complainant asked for extra patrol.

June 4

• A complainant asked for the K9 police officer’s assistance after being told there was cocaine on the kitchen counter of a trailer home he owned. The trailer was being occupied by another man. The complainant was told the K9 officer could not respond without just cause.

• A welfare check was requested after a man and a woman were heard screaming at each other at a Wadena residence. The man was overheard telling the woman to go to bed and sleep it off. An officer spoke with the woman and could see she had been drinking. The woman said she was fine.

• A woman alleged her brother punched a hole in her door at a residence in Wadena.

• A group of children found a wallet containing cash and ID. near the basketball courts in Wadena one day after it was reported missing. A mother of one of the children notified the police.

June 5

• A man appeared to be sleeping while sitting the sidewalk near Family Dollar in Wadena.

• A caller reported his daughter’s computer was pawned in Staples by one of her friends. The caller said he did not want to press charges. He was advised that he would have to file a theft complaint in order for the police to recover the computer.

• A 20-year-old woman was stopped by police after driving a vehicle playing loud music through a Wadena residential area. The driver had an expired Kentucky driver’s license and her insurance had been cancelled in April. The 20-year-old passenger in the car was cited for minor consumption.

• A woman called to tell police her brother was at her residence and she did not want him there. The brother told officers he wanted to get a gas bill issue resolved. He agreed to stay away from his sister and was advised he needed to settle the civil issue in another way.

•Police received information about a rolling domestic in which a man choked his wife and daughter and threatened to kill them both. The man, who was reported to have mental issues and a violent nature, was later arrested for domestic assault.

June 7

•A dark blue pickup was reported to be sitting in a church parking lot in Nimrod with an individual inside, slumped over, that appeared to be sleeping. It appeared the pickup had torn up the lot. The complainant later reported the vehicle was no longer at the site.

A man was cited for harassment after calling another man’s phone number nine times attempting to reach a woman.

• A man was reported after he allegedly ran over a person’s dog while driving erratically. The dog died before the owner could get it to a vet for treatment. An officer spoke with the suspect but he denied hitting the dog. The suspect said the dog was in the ditch and he was not driving erratically.

•A man alleged a neighbor’s dog came to his place and killed some farm animals.

June 8

• The driver of a rental truck was arrested on a charge of third degree DWI after being spotted on County Road 4 apparently asleep.

• An officer stopped a vehicle because of suspicious driving behavior. The female passenger admitted she was originally the driver of the vehicle but changed places with a male after they noticed the police officer following them.

• A welfare check was requested on a woman who called her employer and said she would be unable to report for work the following day. Todd County Dispatch received information that it sounded like a fight was in progress at the woman’s residence when she called. An officer investigated but did not find anything wrong. The woman’s husband said they had an argument earlier in the evening but he left to let the situation cool down.

June 9

• A large graduation party was reported at which underage drinking was taking place. Police located the party and numerous individuals ran from the location. Citations were being issued to minors found to be consuming alcohol.

• A resident of Bell Hill requested an officer alleging another resident had assaulted him the previous evening. He said the resident was waiting outside his room. An officer spoke with the complainant and told him to voice his concerns to the staff if he felt he was being harassed. A staff member told the officer two men had been separated and the suspect had gone to church.

• A caller reported someone cut a lock off a gas tank and stole gas. He also said there was no need to investigate since tracks had been erased by rainfall.

• A police officer spoke with two people engaged in a domestic argument at a Wadena residence. The officer observed both were acting like children.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.