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Couple with local ties has triplets

Nellie Wegscheid, Tim Wegscheid (uncle), Kayla Hanson (mother), Adam Hanson (father) - unsure of the order of the babies.1 / 2
The triplets celebrate their first Christmas.2 / 2

Newlywed couple Kayla (Wegscheid) and Adam Hanson welcomed identical triplet daughters on June 21. Their names are Brooklyn Hope, Mackenzie Faith and Zoey Grace. Maternal grandparents are the late Greg Wegscheid and Brenda (Skalman) (Wegscheid) Coile - both graduated from Wadena High School and their great grandmother is Nellie Wegscheid. Odds of having identical triplets is anywhere from 1:10,000,000 to 1:100,000,000.