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U of M Extension to conduct cooking class

Wadena County Nutrition Educator Donna Anderson will soon host local cooking classes, in partnership with Chef Derek Olson of Harvest Thyme Bistro, according to a press release sent to the Pioneer Journal.

The "Cooking Matters" classes, set to take place Wednesday evenings from 5 to 7 p.m., are free of charge and will run for six weeks. Classes start July 11 and will take place at Harvest Thyme Bistro.

"Cooking Matters" is a nationwide nutrition education program run in Minnesota by University of Minnesota Extension. Through the program, local chefs volunteer to provide free classes, in which participants learn cooking, nutrition and budgeting skills. Some areas of focus in the class will involve the use of whole grains, weight management and healthy eating for children.

For more information, call Statewide Program Coordinator Amanda Henke at 218-828-2333.