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Apples, fruits round table set

A Hardy Apples and Northern Fruits Roundtable will be held on April 28, 11 a.m. during the Sky Dance Plant Swap at Green Island in Wadena. The purpose of the gathering is to collect the hard-won wisdom of northcentral Minnesota gardeners and growers working in this challenging zone 3b environment. Four regional growers will begin the discussion with everyone's favorite, the apples, and then expand to other fruits as the hour progresses. All attending are to join-in with their own experiences. This will develop an invaluable handbook of information for newer gardeners and those who are expanding and diversifying their home orchards in zone 3b. When you come also bring a selection of plants or gardening materials for the swap (seedlings, seeds, divisions, potted plants, preserves, honey, dried fruit, juice, tools, fertilizer, gardening books, etc.)