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Weight Loss Just Starts With One Good Habit

I understand frustrations that come with losing weight. Sometimes it seems like you always have good intentions but you never seem to be able to get to that goal.

I often have clients that come to me with a whole list of things they want to change in their lives. They all want to eat better, workout everyday, and lose 50 pounds by summer. It's great that they are incredibly ambitious, but the problem is right there, too many changes at once. Sure, some could just flip a switch and adapt to the new habits, but for most that's not the case.

Most of the time we have to scale back all those ambitions and start small. Get focused on that first healthy habit. Think of a good weight loss plan as building blocks. You have to start with a good base before you can move to the top!

Here are a few ways to start your healthy habit snowball:

Get Moving Just get moving. Forget about the diet and nutrition (for now). Make room in your schedule to workout. No excuses!

Start Cooking Start with one healthy meal outside your comfort zone. Cook enough left-overs and put them in tupperware containers. Eat clean, look lean!

Daily Reminders Create a daily routine that reminds you of the big picture. I like to coach my clients to do this when they are taking their daily multivitamin. You need condition yourself to keep looking forward and keep focused on the goal.

Remember to keep your focus on one goal at a time and you will achieve weight loss success!