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5 Essential Weight Loss Tools For The Kitchen

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Your environment is crucial to losing weight. So making your kitchen an effective weight loss zone is important. Having the right tools in the kitchen is very important to your fat loss success! Here are five tools that every weight loss kitchen should have!


Cooking healthy sometimes can be quite a process. Next time you cook that healthy meal, cook enough for a couple meals. Store the left-overs in your handy little containers.

Tip: When you store the left-overs, only store one serving in one container. This will help avoid the temptation of eating a couple meals worth of left overs.

Food Scale

A food scale will help you measure out your portions with ease. One of my favorite things to do is buy in bulk and measure out individual servings and put them in separate containers. I prefer a digital scale, but you don't need to splurge on one either.

Tip: This might seem simple to most, but learn to use the tare feature. Tare means to zero out anything that is sitting on the scale. So if you want to measure liquid in a glass, set the glass on the scale, hit the tare button, and pour in the liquid to measure it.


I like my smoothies. Smoothies are a great way to get a ton of nutrition in a little single serving shake. Check out this post on my favorite smoothies.

Tip: You can spend a pretty penny on blenders, but you shouldn't need to spend over $100 for one. Look for a blender with plenty of watts and a glass container. The life of your blender will depend on how well you clean and maintain it!

Cutting Board / Knife Set

A cutting board and a good knife is important for processing your meat, vegetables, and fruit. These are essential tools for buying in bulk and preparing meals.

Tip: The reason most people cut themselves with knives is because the knife is dull. Get a knife sharper or learn how to use a knife sharping steel.

Shaker Bottle

This one might not be in the kitchen, but a shaker bottle is essential tool for getting in those protein shakes during the day.

Tip: Put a scoop of your protein powder or meal replacement in the your shaker and bring it with you during the day. All you have to do is add water and you have an instant meal!

Having the right tools for success is critical. So get equipped and start losing!