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Reality TV Guide to Losing Weight

You can't flip through the channels without seeing the next reality weight loss show. NBC's Biggest Loser, now in it's 13th season, sparked a revolution of weight loss reality shows. From celebrities to extreme makeovers, the dozens of amazing success stories make many viewers envious to take part in one of these shows.

Alright, maybe you don't have the opportunity to get on one of these reality shows, that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of the awesome weight loss tips that come from these programs. Here are 9 ways to take your fat loss to TV stardom!

Make weight loss a game

Being competitive could be the difference between you giving in to your cravings or you heading to the gym on a Saturday afternoon. Whether it's a contest to see who can log the most miles on the running track or a weekly weigh-in with all your co-workers, let competition drive your motives and see success!

Don't go it alone

One of the many reasons I fell in love with bootcamps and group exercise classes is having that supportive team of people that share a common goal that propel each other's successes forward. Don't be shy, get a partner or a group of people and make it happen!

Make it more then about just weight

Sure you might win a gazillion dollars if you lose the most weight, but the reality is you are winning a new life, a new body, more energy... Make weight loss about everything that matters in life. Maybe it's your kids and family, or your self-confidence. Whatever it is, make it count for something other then the numbers on the scale.

Get Some Guidance

Whether it's working out with an exercise experienced friend, joining a group exercise class, or hiring a trainer, get some help. Working out smart and efficiently is very important when it comes to weight loss success!


Challenge your temptations. Go out and order a salad versus a burger. Drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink. Fat loss success comes full circle when you can control your urges. Be in control and see results!

Physical Challenges

Push your limits with a physical challenge. Maybe it's running your first 5k or marathon. Maybe it's taking on a climbing wall. Whatever it is, challenge your new body and you might be suprised what you can do!

Set deadlines

Set a deadline and make it mean something. For example, there is nothing better then an upcoming wedding or a class reunion. Set a clearly defined deadline by filing in the blanks: "I want to be ______ pounds by _______." Not only should you set a solid deadline, create weekly goals that inch your way to your big date!

Create the environment

You probably don't get the opportunity to workout and live on an exclusive weight loss ranch, but you can make your home and work into a temptation free zone. You are what you are surrounded by, so make the best of it for fat loss success!

Reward Yourself

Go buy yourself a new swimsuit to show off that new body. Maybe you earned yourself a vacation to a tropical beach. Whatever it is, reward yourself for your hard work!

You might not get all the glitz and glamor of being on primetime television, but using these tips you could definitely see yourself go through an amazing transformation!