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Red, Orange, Green: Go Juicing!

Store bought juices are never as nutritious as they are advertised to be.1 / 2
Fresh juices have all of the nutrients and minerals still in them.2 / 2

We all should be leading a healthy life, exercise more, quit smoking, and eat lots of vegetables and fruit. We all realize this fact but we try to take short cuts. Juicing fresh fruit and vegetables might not be as easy and quick as picking readymade juice from the grocery store. If you are really serious about improving your health and your eating habits, freshly homemade juice is the only way to go. Here is why;

Juices From the Shelve:

When you go t grocery store, you find shelves stacked with juice bottled in different colors and shapes. If you read the labels, you will find that percentage of real juice is very low and they contain a lot of chemicals in form of preservatives and they are loaded with sugar.

Juices From the Coolers:

You can also get a variety of juice cartons and bottles from store coolers. These juices are usually pasteurized to lengthen juice shelf life. Pasteurization is a preservation technique. In order to preserve food longer, food is heated to at least 70 ° C, almost all micro-organisms in food are destroyed. It is an essential process in all dairy product and all milk you buy from the store is pasteurized. The downsides to fruit and veggies juice pasteurization is that heat changes key components such as proteins, enzymes, vitamins, bioactive substances and certain minerals. The food after this process has a longer shelf life but is almost "dead". Some good nutrients have disappeared and other substances have changed. Also, the taste changes and becomes less pronounced and less sparkling. Taste is just flat.

Juicing at Home:

Juicing fresh vegetables at home is the best option for optimum health benefits. Raw fruit and vegetables contain a lot of nutrients and live enzyme with endless health benefits. Invest in a good juicer, buy fresh organic fruit and veggies whenever possible and you are good to go. There are many juicing recipes to choose from and many benefits to get from fresh juice. Below are just a few examples:

Beet Juice is sweet and has a beautiful deep red color. It is considered a tonic and blood-builder. Beet skin is bitter so it is better not to juice it. You can dip beet in hot water for easy peeling before putting them into your juicer.

Tomato Juice is easy to make when the tomato is red and plum. You can add some spices to enhance the taste if you like.

Carrot Juice is so popular and tasty. It is high in Vitamin A (Carotene), hence 2 glasses of Carrot juice a day can provide the body with sufficient amount of Vitamin A for the day. You can juice carrots without peeling. Just scrub carrots under running water with a plastic brush to clean it and remove any dirt on the skin.

Pumpkin Juice contains Vitamin B1, B2, B6, C, E and beta-carotene, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron. Pumpkin is soft and easy to juice. Some prefer to peel it cut it into cubes then boil it to make juice. Juice from a Juicer is fresher and retains more nutrients.

Romano Lettuce can make a nutritious green juice that is rich with minerals and chlorophyll. Bean sprouts fall into this juice category too.

Celery Juice tastes good and you can juice the stalks and leaves. Celery is high in Sodium though, so it is advisable to mix it with other vegetables for a juicing recipe that is tastier and healthier.

Cucumber makes a very tasty juice that might remind you of watermelon taste. Juice the cucumbers without peel as most cucumbers sold in grocery stores have wax on the skin to preserve their freshness.

Kale Juice has many benefits as kale contains a healthy dose of iron, calcium and vitamins. Kale has a bitter taste if juiced on its own, so it is best to juice it with sweet apples and carrots. Keep fresh kale in the fridge, because it fades and becomes more pungent as it gets old and stale.

You can mix and match vegetables and fruit to get more variety with the taste and to reap the full benefits of all veggies and fruit.