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WDC introduces 'scratch cooking'

Photos by Dana Pavek/WDC Schools WDC cooks Nadine Wegscheid, left, and Rosie Middendorf carefully pull a pan of hot, homemade pizza from the oven.1 / 2
WDC sixth-grade students RaeAnn Sutherland and Kayla Peterson enjoy a slice of cheese pizza made from fresh ingredients purchased from Roma Foods in Rice, Minn.2 / 2

Wadena-Deer Creek elementary students recently enjoyed homemade pizza from scratch during their school lunch. According to WDC Food Services Director, Sandie Rentz, the pizza ingredients were purchased from Roma Foods of Rice, Minn., a company known for their fresh ingredients.

Elementary cooks Arlis Kern, Nadine Wegscheid, Rosie Middendorf, Carmen Robinson, Mary Schmitt and Lisa Ashbaugh made 20 large pans of fresh, hot pizza for K-6 students, who devoured the tasty slices. WDC cooks are implementing more "scratch cooking" into their lunch menus, such as a variety of fresh, healthy salads and lasagna.