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Fresh fruits and veggies served every day at WDC

Photo by Dana Pavek/WDC Schools Fresh fruit and vegetables supplied by Russ Davis Wholesale and local growers through the Farm-To-School program make for healthy eating at WDC.

Every day at Wadena-Deer Creek Elementary, the WDC kitchen prepares fresh fruits and vegetables for students as part of their nutritious, well-balanced lunch program. In addition, students receive a fresh fruit or veggie as an afternoon snack thanks to the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Grant the elementary school was awarded for a third consecutive year.

The purpose of the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Grant program is to expand and increase the variety and amount of fresh fruits and veggies WDC students experience and consume, said Sandie Rentz, food services director. Combined with nutritious education in the classroom, the Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Program emphasizes the long-term goals of positively influencing students' life-long eating habits and combating childhood obesity.

Russ Davis Wholesale of Wadena supplies WDC Schools with fresh produce. Furthermore, WDC Food Services participates in the Farm-To-School program, where area producers provide locally-grown fruits, veggies and other home-grown products for WDC students to enjoy.