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Grilled Chocolate Raspberry Burritos

Have you ever tried grilling dessert? I have made grilled pineapple, fabulous! So you can imagine that my curiosity was piqued with the title Grilled Chocolate raspberry Burrito. What is not to like in grilling dessert. Keeps the heat outside and the oven off.

Cookbook Title: Better Homes and Gardens Gas Grill Cookbook

I have a gas grill so a cookbook centered around the gas grill made sense to me. Cooking with a gas grill you can have more heat control and can have the grill ready to go in minutes. I could not find a picture of this cookbook on it must not have published very many copies. Easy to follow cookbook however. Reminds me of the ones that my mom had collected in the '70s.

The Ruling: Surprise, surprise...we all loved it! We never would have thought of this on our own. Very simple to make! We had blackberries and substituted those in when we ran out of rasperries...they tasted great as well. Surprise your next dinner guests with this dessert, it will become your new favorite.

Grilled Chocolate-Raspberry Burritos, pg 77


4 8- to 9-inch flour tortillas

1 cup semisweet chocolate pieces

1 cup fresh raspberries

2 tablespoons butter, melted

2 teaspoons sugar

½ teaspoon ground cinnamon


1.Stack the tortillas and wrap in a piece of foil. Preheat gas grill. Reduce heat to medium-low. Place foil packet on the grill rack directly over heat. Cover and grill about 5 minutes or until tortillas are warm and pliable, turning packet once halfway through grilling. Remove from grill (or wrap the tortillas in microwave-safe paper towels; microwave on 100% power [high] for 20 to 40 seconds.)

2.Sprinkle the chocolate pieces and raspberries in the centers of warm tortillas. Fold in sides and roll up. Brush the burritos with half of the melted butter. Place burritos on the grill rack directly over heat. Cover and grill about 3 minutes or until the tortillas begin to show grill marks and the chocolate is melted, turning once halfway through grilling.

3.Transfer the burritos to a serving platter. Brush with the remaining melted butter. In a small bowl combine the sugar and cinnamon; sprinkle over the burritos. Serve immediately.

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