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CLC announces spring honors list

Central Lakes College has announced its 2014 spring semester honors list.

The President's List includes 416 students who earned a grade-point average of 3.75 to 4.0 while enrolled for at least 12 credits. The Dean's list includes 484 students who earned a grade-point average of 3.25 to 3.74.

Honors students from this area include:


Kelby Rogers, Dean's List.

Deer Creek

Nicole Doll, President's List.


Daryn Kirscht, Dean's List.


Candice Carlson, President's List, Zachary Hillstrom, President's List and David Kumpula, President's List.


Jada Hauser, Dean's List and Kalea Hauser, Dean's List.


Adam Christoffersen, Dean's List, Melissa Daniels, President's List, Heather Davis, Dean's List, Shawn Deegan, Dean's List, Kathryn DeGeest, President's List, Roger Dukowitz, President's List, Chad Fishman, President's List, Annie Gillespie, Dean's List, Kelsey Hales, Dean's List, Megan Han, Dean's List, Timothy Hepokoski, President's List, Emily Israelson, President's List, Julie Jackson, Dean's List, Kayla Kirscht, Dean's List, Shayne Koppes, President's List, Megan Lindgren, Dean's List, Chloe Litts, Dean's List, Mercedes Moxley, President's List, Jessica Murphy, Dean's List, Paul Petrich, President's List, Rebecca Pugsley, President's List, Kali Shequen, Dean's List, Christina Smith, Dean's List, Milo Spilman, President's List, Mary Stangle-Hess, Dean's List, Thomas Toepper, Dean's List, Trevor Wentworth, Dean's List, Sarah Willgohs, Dean's List and Steven Wroblewski, Dean's List.


Kirsten Carry, Dean's List, Gary Doroff, Dean's List and Brianna Poppenga, President's List.


Taylor Beiswenger, President's List and Amanda Reger, President's List.