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Knowledge Bowl team earns fourth at regional competition

he WDC Wolverines team of Tyler Scott, Derek Plautz, Logan Taggart and Andrew McCullough placed fourth in the academic quiz fest in Staples recently.

Dana Pavek, WDC Schools

At the freshman Knowledge Bowl regional competition held recently at Staples-Motley High School, the WDC Wolverines team placed fourth out of 19 teams. Team members are Tyler Scott, Derek Plautz, Logan Taggart and Andrew McCullough. They are coached by Dawn Paurus and Loni Niles.

Knowledge Bowl is a sport for the mind. During the competition, teams of students compete in written and oral rounds by answering questions related to all areas of learning typical of secondary education programs. Questions test students' recall, problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Following is the list of WDC students who participated in this year's Knowledge Bowl:

Seniors: Brittney Andrews, Ashley Carlson, Sarah DeCock, Paige Hartman and Austin Hendershot.

Juniors: Marissa Jahnke, Elise Kallevig, Anna Kraemer, Anissa Mench, Ashley Peters and Michael Small (who had perfect attendance at practices).

Sophomores: Kendra Evans, Hope Norenberg, Kassi Peterson and Beth Schmitz.

Freshmen: Ashley Lehmkuhl, Andrew McCullough, Kayla Peters, Kirsten Peterson, Lance Pierce, Derek Plautz - both junior and senior high participant; Alysha Randall, Jess Rondestvedt, Gabi Ross, Maggie Schmitz, Tyler Scott, Logan Taggart - both junior and senior high participant; and Tyler Wheeler.

Eighth grade: Dylan Biel, Lucas Doyle, Kirstan Finn, Henry Fitzsimmons, Ryan Grendahl, Mitchel Haman, Katlyn Heaton, Tyler Jahnke, Lindy Jones, Alex Kahl, Courtney Kern, Lila Lohmiller, Ellie Miron, Thomas Quincer, Kate Schmidt, RaeAnn Sutherland and Casey Volkmann.

Seventh grade: Ashley Adams, James Anderson, Shawna Clausen, Jaron Englund, Grace Hinojos, Kylee Hopp, Nick Kine, Sophie Kreklau, Alec Larson, Sam Malone, Abby Motschenbacher, Devyn Norenberg, Adarius Pete, Braeden Sibert and Devin Sunstrom.