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Fiery Grilled chicken

I really enjoy spicy food. I equate spicy food with quality flavor. My family doesn't enjoy heat as much as I do, so when I am alone, I take the opportunity to get my spice on. This recipe for fiery grilled chicken fits the bill with habanero peppers, cayenne pepper and Thai chili sauce. Enjoy!

Fiery Grilled Chicken

Makes six servings

• 1 qt. cold water

• ⅓ c. kosher salt

• ½ c. white sugar

• 6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

• 1 pint cherry tomatoes

• 3 habanero peppers, seeded

• 4 garlic cloves

• ½ teas. allspice

• ½ teas. thyme

• ¼ teas. cumin

• ¼ teas. pepper

• ¼ teas. cayenne pepper

• 1 Tbl. olive oil

• 2 Tbl. Thai chili sauce, such as Sriracha

Combine water, kosher salt and sugar in a saucepan over low heat. Cook until sugar and salt dissolve, about four to five minutes. Set aside to cool to room temperature. Place chicken breasts in a large bowl or lidded container.

Puree cherry tomatoes, habanero peppers, garlic and allspice with the salt and sugar mixture in a blender until smooth. Pour tomato brine over chicken breasts, making sure all pieces are covered. Refrigerate four to six hours.

Remove chicken breasts and transfer to a plate or baking sheet lined with paper towels. Pat dry with more paper towels. Preheat an outdoor grill for high heat and lightly oil the grate. Combine thyme, cumin, black pepper, cayenne pepper and oil in a small bowl. Brush each chicken breast with thyme and oil mixture.

Cook chicken on the preheated grill for one to two minutes. Turn each piece and move to indirect heat. Cook until well-browned and meat is no longer pink in the center, 30 to 35 minutes. Brush each breast with Thai sweet chile sauce.

Transfer to a plate and allow chicken to rest for 10 minutes before serving.