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God’s Not Dead movie review

Jake Heppner, Southbrook Baptist Church

God's Not Dead was one of the most enjoyable and inspirational Christian movies my family has ever seen. I'm no credible critic of  lighting, script or acting, but if you see this movie you'll appreciate recognizable actors, quality filming and an opportunity to grapple with genuinely difficult issues of life and spirituality. One advantage of film media is the opportunity to address arduous issues in the form of real life, and I thought this movie did a superb job breaking up the weight of deep issues with lighthearted moments and energizing inspiration; I was able to leave the theater revitalized instead of sapped, despite the need to think and evaluate through the movie.


It seemed evident to me that the central idea is that there is a cost to following Christ, and Christ is worth the cost. I appreciated this correction in the direction of a shallow, surface Christianity that has developed in our culture: Christian in name, but a movement that lacks fortitude and the biblical knowledge to approach the issues this film dealt with.

Issues addressed:

I was impressed by the breadth of subjects God's Not Dead tackles: why the righteous suffer and the wicked succeed, the possibility of being agnostic and moral, the origin of life and the universe, and an evaluation if God can find a place of relevance in our society today. Christ is matched against atheism, persecution, peer pressure, materialism, and liberal humanism, and the viewer is fed very few 'pat' answers;  you'll find common and nagging concerns dealt with in a concise manner.


The strength of this movie lies here: genuine Christianity is properly portrayed as a life centered on Christ, not as just a religious system or ancient philosophy.  Such a Christ-centered life will have its share of resistance, obstacles, and even conflict, but a life with Christ at its center will continue forward in surrender to His desires and will experience the satisfaction and answers that no other system can adequately deal with.

God's Not Dead plays at the Cozy Theatre through April 10 and is a movie choice you won't be disappointed with.