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Last Vegas

“Last Vegas” is a hilarious film similar to The Hangover trilogy on a tamer, more socially acceptable scale.  Starring Morgan Freeman, Robert DeNiro, Michael Douglas and Kevin Kline, last Vegas takes the viewer on a journey of three friends who decide to throw their perpetually single friend a bachelor party before he marries his “infant-bride.”

The four lifelong friends include Archie (Freeman) whose adult son stifles him from having any sort of fun.  Kline plays Sam, who lives in Florida with his wife and is bored beyond belief.  DeNiro plays Paddy, a man whose wife, the only woman he has ever loved, to cancer and turns to a recluse life.  The three sixty-something men come together once again to celebrate the impending marriage of Archie (Douglas) to a woman nearly half his age.  Mary Steenburgen surprises in a role of an aging lounge singer with an outstanding voice and a potential love interest for two of the men.

The backstory of complicated relationships, old grudges and accepting aging add to the warmth and depth of the film.

With less of a focus on over the top antics and more on character dynamics, Last Vegas appeals to a larger audience.  Those of the social security crowd will particularly like the harmless jokes poking fun of the geriatric generation, including trouble with technology, fanny packs, Viagra pills and Vegas prices.

 Last Vegas is a clever reflection of time passing by and highlighting that through life you’ll fight, you’ll learn but most of you will laugh and here it’s embodied in plentiful measures. It all goes to prove that you can teach old dogs some refreshing new tricks.

Last Vegas is much better than The Hangover films, skipping much of the crassness for actually funny, heartwarming hilarity.  Viewers young and old will appreciate the humor and the relationships.   

If you are looking to just go to a movie for pure enjoyment go see this movie, you won't be disappointed.