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New Odyssey to perform April 18

New Odyssey members are pictured with the 30 instruments they will be using in their performance here April 18. Submitted Photo

New Odyssey, three guys, 30 instruments along with gags and gusto will perform its unique stage show Thursday, April 18, at the Memorial Auditorium under the auspices of the Wadena Area Concert Association.

The three guys, Gary Todd, Michael Jay and Gary Polkow, play 30 instruments and combine their skill with a production featuring comedy, skits and audience participation.

Tubas, banjos and drums are just a few of the instruments the trio uses to perform. Their comedic stunts go beyond the normal concert and the musical oriented skits add a dose of zaniness. There is one act where one of the trio dresses up as Elvis.

Audience members are invited to join in on the antics and get a chance to perform along with the music, honking horns or donning silly costumes.

Musical selections will include classic rock, country, novelty and special arrangements.

For further information contact Bonnie Kingsley, 218-371-9487.