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Why you should NEVER eat 'Low Fat' salad dressings

You're on a diet and your being good by eating your salads. You need a little flavor for your salad so to stay true to your diet you pick out the "healthiest" low fat salad dressing you can find. There's a problem, low fat salad dressings might not be as healthy as you think.

Low fat salad dressings eliminate the healthiest part of most dressings, the oil. Yes oil is fat, but fat isn't necessarily bad for you! Fat actually helps your body absorb the very nutrients you are eating in your salad.

What about the calories?

If you are a calorie counter, yes oil based dressings typically do have more calories than their low fat counter parts. However, most low calorie diets exclude healthy oils and it's essential that you incorporate healthy fats into your routine.

What brand should I buy?

The problem with most store bought salad dressings is many of them contain sugar. A handfull of them even contained high fructose corn syrup. You can't forget the preservatives, extra sodium and other junk they need to put in to keep the shelf life. Look for the basic ingredients vinegar and oil. From there shouldn't be much else other then herbs and spices. Post your favorite dressing in the comments!

What about creamy dressings?

Whole different story. If you do crave dressings like ranch or french, go for the low calorie version. I say avoid these or moderate highly!

Make Your Own Vinaigrette Kitchen comfort zone warning

For a basic vinaigrette you just need to mix 1 part vinegar(or lemon juice) and 3 parts oil. Use a healthy oil like olive oil or canola oil. From there you can mix in any herbs, spices or salts you like. Just a simple search on Google brought up a bunch of recipes for healthy vinaigrette dressings!

Eat green and be lean!