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Zombie Prom surprisingly lively

All dressed up in our Zombie Prom best!

Halloween has always been a favorite holiday of mine.  I love handing out candy, carving pumpkins, decorating and seeing the creative costumes.  I enjoy dressing up in a costume as well.

     My friends and I saw a poster advertising Zombie Prom Night at the Wadena VFW and thought it would be fun to participate.  It has been a long time since I have been to a Halloween party for adults and I was looking forward to this event. 

     We spent nearly a month gathering supplies for our costumes.  Ugly prom dresses are hard to come by in Wadena so we purchased our dresses in St. Cloud.  We found some great zombie makeup kits and some fake blood. 

     One surprisingly fun aspect of preparing for this event was the destruction of the dress.  I have never before understood the appeal of trashing a wedding dress; a woman spends a ridiculous amount of money on a gown that is worn once.  Why would anyone want to destroy something that cost so much money?  However, when it came time for me to shred my dress for zombie prom, I discovered how scandalously delightful it is to cut holes, shred the bottom and pour paint, chocolate sauce and fake blood on the dress.  Though I was apprehensive at first, I found myself actually enjoying the destruction.

     On the night of the zombie prom, I drove to my best friend’s house to get ready with her and our other friend.  We spent three hours preparing (just like I did for my highschool prom).  First came our crazy hair.  We took turns curling and ratting our hair.  Big hair took on a new definition Saturday night!  We used nearly a can of hairspray, adding dead leaves and grey color.

     Makeup followed.  I covered my arms, neck, and face with white paintmixed with grey, green and black.  My friend did my face makeup and the transformation was stunning.

    The key to a good zombie costume is the accessories.  We had pretty jewelry that one would wear to a formal dance.  We added corsages made of dead flowers, ripped long gloves and stockings and a shredded wrap.  Fake bloody tattoos complete our look.  We looked fabulously dead!

     We entered the VFW and saw a few other wonderful zombie costumes.  The place was packed we quickly found our table.  We indulged in a few drinks and listened to the music, which was heavy metal mostly.

     We chatted with other zombies and danced until our feet ached.  We took photos and waited, impatiently, for the judging of the costumes began.  For those who know me, I have a competitive streak and wanted badly to win.  We joked about feasting on the other zombies to up the ante.

     Alas, we did not win any prizes that night.  A zombie bride and groom took top honors followed by a creepily good lone zombie man with his face melting off.  But we did have a lot of fun and a few men bought us drinks.  It is ironic that I got hit on when dressed as a zombie more often than when dressed as myself!

     Overall, the zombie prom was hilariously fun and full of laughs.  In the end it didn't matter that we didn’t take home any prizes – what mattered is that we had a nice night with good drinks and greater friends!