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Plan now for fall and winter art projects

Are you looking to stir up a successful art project and bring cultural offerings to your community? Are you an artist with an opportunity looming? Are you a high school age student looking for an arts mentor? Maybe a school with a desire for art projects to augment the arts curriculum?

The Five Wings Arts Council is here to help structure your projects and assist with funding. Financial support comes from the Land, Water and Legacy Fund and the McKnight Foundation.

"The best grant applications are for projects that are planned well ahead of the grant deadline with clear timelines, objectives, and outcomes," said Five Wings Arts Council Executive Director Mark Turner. He offered the following tips for writing grants for community based projects:

• Highlight community involvement in the planning process.

• Tell how the project reaches the entire community.

• Emphasize the quality of the arts experience.

• Note how the grant will be paying for arts related expenses.

• Consider how you have looked for other sources of funding for the 25 percent match.

Many of these tips are applicable for individual and school projects. Individual artists must show how a grant will take them to the next level as a working artist.

Sept. 15 is the deadline for the next grant round for projects starting on or after Nov. 1. Find more grant information and application forms at or call (877) 654-2166.