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Handpainted Glasses

Here's how I tackled personalized wine glasses for my bridesmaids' gifts.1 / 4
Rhinestones are used to add some glimmer.2 / 4
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Our groomsmen got a fancy - yet manly - monogrammed beer glass. Glasses are from Ikea, and I used Parchment font in 200pt for the monogram.4 / 4

Even if you don't consider yourself artistic, painting glasses can be a fun and simple project. Who doesn't want to sip their Friday evening Merlot out of a personalized wine glass?

Here's how I tackled personalized wine glasses for my bridesmaids' gifts.

Supplies Needed:

Glasses (purchased my goblet-style water glasses from the Dollar Store)

Vitrea 160 Glass Paint (from Michael's) - jars or outlining tubes

Small paint brushes




Rubbing Alcohol

Optional: Rhinestones and E-6000 glue


1. Clean your glasses with the rubbing alcohol and dry completely.

2. Print off your name in a fancy font, playing around with the size you want it to be on the glass. I used a script font but also embellished more swirls onto the ends of the names.

3. Cut out the name and using a piece of double-sided tape, tape the name into the inside of the glass. Make sure you round it inside just right, so that the name will not swoop down in the middle or the sides but will be perfectly straight across.

4. Using an outlining tube (test on a piece of paper first so you know how hard to squeeze!), gently trace over your name. Go nice and slow. You could also use the jar paints with a small brush.

- I made some mistakes and smudges. Don't despair! If it is just a tiny mistake, move on and let it dry a little bit before you go back and fix it with a toothpick. If it's a HUGE mistake and you want to start over, wipe it with alcohol again to clean it.

5. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes.

6. Take a wood toothpick, and fix up any edges or spots where you got too much paint, or use it to clean up your lines. I learned that you can rub off the paint with the toothpick rather easily the entire time, as long as you haven't baked it yet.

7. I went back and added white highlights to my names with another tube of outlining paint after the black was completely dry.

8. For the bases, I simply used a sponge brush and the jar paints, sponging it onto the base and up the stems. I used the toothpick trick to clean up the line where the bowl of the glass begins.

9. Using a small brush, I painted simple five-petal flowers in random sizes, leaving the centers empty.

10. Let dry for 24 hours.

11. Bake in the oven according to the directions on the paint. The trick is to put the glasses upside-down on a pan into the oven BEFORE you preheat it. When your preheat alarm goes off, begin timing. When they are done baking, open the door but leave the glasses in the oven to let them cool slowly.

- They are now completely dishwasher safe! I'm serious...I've washed mine many times and it is still in great shape, no chips in the paint at all.

12. Using a toothpick again, and some E-6000 glue, you can now glue rhinestones onto the glass. The trick with E-6000 is to put it a tiny dab onto the glass, let it cure for a minute, then smoosh the rhinestone onto it. You may want to practice that a few times first. The E-6000 is quite smelly (do this in a well-ventilated area) but it makes the rhinestones stay put! However, I do suggest hand-washing to care for glasses with rhinestones to increase the longevity.


They all loved their glasses!

I'm working on another version of the personalized bridesmaid glasses for my friend's wedding party and I'm excited to see how they turn out.