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Second Sundays Showcase Series begins March 11 at Memorial Auditorium

Photo provided. Mary Harrison is portraying Mary Todd Lincoln in a one-woman play Sunday, March 11.

The Greater Wadena Arts League announced the beginning of their new performing arts showcase series on Sunday, March 11, at 2 p.m. with Mary Harrison in the one-woman play portraying Mary Todd Lincoln, "Pass My Imperfections Lightly By." The play was written Vaughn McBride.

Harrison began her theatrical career late in life, and happened into it by accident.

"Since I'm older than dirt, that was still a quarter of a century or more ago," she joked.

She has acted, directed, designed and built sets at Barnlot Theatre in Edmonton, Ky., acted and directed for Madhatters Commuity Theatre in Wadena.

Mary Todd was from a well-to-do, prominent family. She was a mischievous child with a brilliant mind and was unusually educated for a female of that time and place. She became a polished, petite, vivacious young lady. Her involvement with Abraham Lincoln raised many eyebrows. But she had fallen in love with Abraham's mind. Mary was a woman who was ahead of her time, and always spoke her mind. But of all of the tragedies in her life, the greatest of all was in the end she was isolated and reviled for having been born a woman with an intelligent, forthright mind in a time and place that punished her for having the audacity to use it.

The Greater Wadena Arts League (GWAL) is a newly formed organization serving the Wadena area with the mission to stimulate, encourage, sponsor, develop, promote and increase the public appreciation of the visual, literary, and performing arts in the greater Wadena area. The Second Sundays Showcase Series was designed to with a two-fold purpose of showcasing local talent as well as promoting the use and appreciation for Memorial Auditorium. Each showcase will end with a chance for audience members to interact with the show presenters while enjoying beverages and snacks.