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Lamplighter Theatre sets auditions for 'Sandbag, Stage Left'

Lamplighter Community Theatre will hold auditions Dec. 19 and 20 for a winter production of "Sandbag, Stage Left (or, One Dead Dolly," an interactive parody of courtroom dramas), by John Anthony.

Auditions will be from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 19 and 20, at Trinity Lutheran Church, 1000 4th St. NE, Staples.

The members of the Mill City Players are besides themselves over the mysterious death of their leading lady, Amelia Meddle, who during a performance, was cruelly squashed by a flying sandbag. All fingers point to her husband, undertaker Arnold Meddle, who was seen wandering around backstage just before the sailing sandbag hit pay dirt.

It's mud-slinging galore between Defense lawyer Philip Static and Prosecutor Emily Cling. Meanwhile, one by one the members of the Mill City players take the stand to implicate Arnold Meddle knowing about his jealous nature and Amelia's flirtations with Mill City lead actor Byron Shelley. This, claims the Prosecution, provides Arnold with his motive.

Arnold contends he is innocent, but who could crush such a lovely woman under a pile of dirt and burlap? Mill City Stage Manager Gretel Van Cistern? Sexy actress Shelley Shelley? Arnold's mousy Assistant Embalmer Margaret "Chuck" Bury? Or Medical Examiner Salvatore Soo?

It's the case of the century, (or at least this past week), under the steady gavel of Judge Royale Been, who presides over a jury of audience members, called for duty when the Judge dismisses the original jury for not inviting her to their party.

Fifteen people ages 20-60 years old will be cast. Large and small parts are available with minimal rehearsal commitment.

Performance dates are Feb. 9, 10, 12, 17 and 18 at the Landmark Inn, Staples.

Other people are needed for the production. The areas include assistant director/stage manager, set construction, lighting and sound tech, promotion like distributing posters and making table tents, coordinating ticket sales and refreshments. Those interested in any of these volunteer opportunities are welcome to attend auditions.

Anyone interested who cannot make the audition times can call Kevin at (218) 894-2640 or (218) 296-2430 to set alternate times.