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Canadian fiddle champion to appear in Staples

April Verch, the dynamic fiddler and stepdancer who performed at the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics at Vancouver, will present a concert at Centennial Auditorium in Staples on Sunday, April 11.

April Verch is still basking in the glow of performing in the "Fiddle Nation" segment of the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics at Vancouver. The dynamic fiddler and stepdancer will present a concert at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, April 11 at Centennial Auditorium in Staples. The concert is a part of the Staples Motley Area Arts Council's Concert Series.

Verch brings new meaning to the word multi-tasking. Her many YouTube clips bear witness to the Canadian fiddler's high-energy performances. A winner of both the Canadian Grand Masters Fiddle and Open Fiddle Championships, Verch was already pleading with her parents for a fiddle of her own by the age of 3.

Verch's dancing and fiddle playing are both strongly rooted in the musical traditions of Canada's Ottawa Valley, where she and her family have lived for generations. The region stretches from Ottawa, westward along the shores of the Ottawa River, to the northern tip of Algonquin Park. She still lives "one road over" from where she grew up.

Tickets are available from the Centennial Auditorium Box Office at (218) 894-5416 or (800) 213-6877. For more information on this and other concerts in the series, check out the Arts Council's Web site at