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'Circus INcognitus' one-man show coming

Jamie Adkins, circus clown extraordinare, will bring his one-man show "Circus INcognitus" to the stage at the Wadena Memorial Auditorium at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, March 8, through the booking of the Wadena Concert Association.

Adkins began his career at age 13 in San Diego, where he delighted passers-by as a street performer. Later in San Francisco, he joined the Pickle Family Circus. Then this eclectic clown, juggler and balancing artist joined Montreal's Cirque Eloize. With his many talents he was soon an integral member of that family of artists, making an invaluable contribution to the show "Excentricus." In 500 performances of that show, he distinguished himself with his unique style that humorously conveys the essence of the ordinary man.

Adkins again teamed up with Cirque Eloize to produce "Typo," a show of his own creation, which toured the world giving more than 200 performances over two years. He won the admiration of critics and the adoration of the circus-going public.

Adkins continues to forge ahead on his career path, always seeking new ways to develop his artistry. For this reason he is delighted to present his newest creation "Circus INcognitus."

Beginning with an empty stage and a single microphone, a shy Adkins musters the courage to face what he fears most, speaking in public. Over the next hour, he creates the show around him using everyday objects to perform circus routines and even builds the set with discarded props. Each step of the show is fraught with challenges, but for every problem there is a solution ... except Adkins' solutions tend to be a bit unusual. He shows the courage to try new ideas, and not give up when all goes wrong ... (one never knows what you can do until you try!)

Jamie's clowning and acrobatic feats are brought to life in this story of a man who has something to say, but can't quite get it out.