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Men of Worth to appear in Wadena Jan. 18

One need not be of Scottish or Irish descent to enjoy an evening with the Men of Worth, a Celtic duo who bring both music and humor to their shows.

Men of Worth will perform at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 18 at Memorial Auditorium in Wadena for two hours of Celtic songs, instrumentals, fun and humor. The show is brought to Wadena by the Wadena Area Concert Association.

Members of Men of Worth are Donnie MacDonald, the Scotsman, who sings and plays multiple instruments including tenor banjo, octave mandolin and concertina, and is also the funny storyteller. The other member is Jamie Keigher, the Irishman, who sings and plays multiple instruments, including guitar, bodhran, and the mando-cello, and always laughs at his partner's funny stories.

The presentation of the show by the Wadena Area Concert Association means that attendees have to be members to see the performance. To become a member, call Bonnie Kingsley at (218) 631-4178.