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Neal and Leandra holiday concert planned at Regional Cultural Center

Neal and Leandra will give a holiday concert at the New York Mills Regional Cultural Center at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 4.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune said, "listening to Leandra Peak's distinctively husky and lustrous voice might be as heavenly as listening to angels" and "Neal Hagberg writes inspired originals."

Sometimes people have to work to find them or their eight CDs: "Old Love," "Hearts & Hammers," "Accidental Dreams," "Stranger to My Kin," "Listen to the Angels," "Bridge Rail," "A Dreamer's Holiday: A Tribute to Perry Como," and "Angels And Fools: A Christmas Collection Volume 2." But tens of thousands of fans have found them nonetheless, and their audience is fiercely loyal.

When they are not touring or recording, Neal and Leandra reside in Minneapolis with their daughter, Madeline, where Neal plays a lot of basketball and Leandra reads many books.

Tickets are available through the Cultural Center at (218) 385-3339.