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No seed for you - MDHA denies supporters

Recently the Wadena Minnesota Deer Hunters Association (MDHA) had an ad in the Wadena paper. They were going to give away seed for food plots. It was also on the radio. In reality, if you drove 40 minutes round trip to pick up seed, you were turned down, unless you were a member.

So all you people that donated hides, unless you were a member, no seed for you. The local sportsmen's groups that donated money to MDHA, no seed. If you plant a plot on your own for 35 years like I have, no seed. If you feed $500 to $1,200 worth of corn to the deer in the winter like I do, no seed.

I would suggest if you care about the wildlife in the area, sell your hides and donate your money to a local sportsmen's group that will buy food plot seed for everyone.

Tammy Stiles

Henning, Minn.

Hats off to Ludtke

Hats of to Mayor Hank Ludtke of Frazee. He has spent timeless hours and years to get funding for the Heartland Trail. It will be an asset to our local areas.

I read an article in the Frazee Forum which listed the local senators and representatives that supported the project.

Our representative,Steve Green, wasn't listed. He voted against the trail funding. He also voted against the Becker County environmental project and the armory project in Park Rapids.

Elections are coming up in November. Maybe it's time to elect David Sobieski.

Shirley Suvanto

Menahga, Minn.

Regarding the barking dogs at the WCHS, why couldn't there be a middle ground by erecting a good acoustic fence? Doing that would direct the noise toward the train tracks,where there's plenty of noise anyway. It would make the neighbors happy and not be so cruel to the dogs. Perhaps the city could chip in on the cost to make it feasible for WCHS?

Judy Cooney

Wadena, Minn.