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Your Letter: A plan for rural survival: Wadena to Willmar rail

opinion Wadena,Minnesota 56482
Wadena PJ
Your Letter: A plan for rural survival: Wadena to Willmar rail
Wadena Minnesota 314 S. Jefferson 56482

It will soon be clear that our economy won't replace most of the good jobs shipped oversees. This may become even clearer at about the same time that the Chinese take our credit cards away. And, if the peak oil people are correct, then we will need a plan.

I am proposing that we, as citizens of rural Minnesota, propose a light rail line from Wadena to Willmar. Obviously, we need to urge our "leaders" in politics and business to get together and come up with a plan for our future. Some will suggest we go to St. Cloud and forget the small towns along US 71. My suggestion is Wadena to Willmar because this "corridor" is agricultural and will likely not feel the negative effects that I foresee for the rest of our economy. In fact, ag should thrive as our country searches for something to export.

If Washington and St. Paul are looking to create jobs, then we should give them an idea that will provide us with access to bigger markets and needed service. Light rail along U.S. 71 might help keep some hospitals, school districts and several businesses alive.

Or, we could just hope that it all turns out OK and blame the government in St. Paul and Washington if it doesn't.

If the citizens lead government may follow.

Herbert A. Davis Jr.

Sauk Centre