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WDC paraprofessional Brittani Groshong shaves fellow paraprofessional Nathan Carlstrom’s head on April 17. Groshong also works as a hairstylist. She said Carlstrom requested leaving a strip of hair along the bottom and top!

WDC staff make good on challenges for the Klawitter/Ortmann fundraisers

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WDC staff make good on challenges for the Klawitter/Ortmann fundraisers
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Wadena-Deer Creek Middle/High School students watched with delight as WDC staff made good on their promises on April 17 for the Klawitter/Ortmann fundraisers. Longtime teachers Craig Klawitter and Mike Ortmann are fighting cancer with a positive attitude and tenacious Wolverine spirit.

The WDC Senior High Council organized two fundraisers for the teachers: “Don’t Stop Believin’ in Our Music Man” fundraiser for Mike Ortmann and selling hot-pink bracelets for Craig Klawitter. If the fundraisers surpassed $1,000, all the challenges would be met. Furthermore, WDC Schools and the communities of Wadena, Deer Creek and Bluffton have raised about $3,000 so far for each teacher – an amazing feat to help these beloved teachers.

On April 17, teachers and staff made good on a variety of wacky challenges, from kissing a pig to the principal getting both his ears pierced. Here are the challenges that took place on April 17:

$200:  Mr. Muckala kissed a pig.   Mrs. Bounds taught in a prom dress for a day.

$400:  Mrs. Shrode shaved off Mr. Shrode’s goatee. (Mrs. Shrode had never seen her husband without a goatee in their 10 years of marriage!)   Mrs. Golberg was dunked in ice water.

$500:  Mrs. Becker, Mrs. Oakes and Ms. Hamelau received colorful hairdos and Mr. Gallant and Nathan Carlstrom lost theirs.

$600:  Mr. Nelson wore a crazy wig for a day. Mrs. Berg dressed as Wooly the Wolverine.

$800:  A pie-eating contest was held featuring: Ms. Hawkins, Mr. Patterson, Mr. Maki, Mr. Grendahl, Mrs. Sartell, and Mr. Ferris. (Mr. Ferris won.)

$1,000:  Mr. Church got both his ears pierced.  YMCA Village People lip sync and dance featuring Supt. Westrum as the cop, Mrs. Kraska as the cowboy, Kathie Davis as the biker, Mrs. Grendahl as the construction worker, and Brittani Groshong as the military person.

WDC Senior High Student Council advisor Holly Becker was thrilled with the involvement from the school and the money raised to help offset expenses for both teachers who are currently undergoing treatment.

“I want to thank everyone for such a great program,” Becker said on April 17. “There was so much participation from the faculty and the students were great.”

A benefit is being planned for Mr. Klawitter and Mr. Ortmann on Saturday, May 31 from 4 to 8 p.m. at the Wadena Elks Lodge. Watch for more details.