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Veterans exposed to Agent Orange in contaminated C-123 aircraft

From 1971-1982 Air Force reservists, who flew in about 34 dioxin-contaminated aircraft used to spray Agent Orange and returned to the US following discontinuation of the herbicide spraying operations in the Vietnam War, were exposed greater levels of dioxin than previously acknowledged, according to a study published Feb 21 in the Environmental Research Journal. "These findings are important because they describe a previously unrecognized source of exposure to dioxin that has health significance to those who engaged in the transport work using these aircraft," says lead investigator Peter A. Lurker, PhD, PE, CIH, an environmental engineer with many years of experience evaluating environmental exposures in the Air Force.

Major Wes Carter USAF (Ret), webmaster of the C-123 Veteran Agent Orange Exposure sites and believes that the Environmental Research article combined with the Yale Law review brief provide the science and law to justify a VA claim for exposure to Agent Orange. He strongly recommends that all vets with claims pending submit to the VA a copy of the Journal's press release about their research. In addition, he recommends the minimum evidence C-123 veterans appealing an exposure claim need to make sure the VA has in their C-file include:

• The Washington Post C-123 Contamination Exposure article found at

• The Yale Law review of C-123 exposure laws and eligibilities at

• Flight orders or other evidence of your duty aboard one of the identified spray aircraft, such as Patches.

• Your diagnosis of an Agent Orange-presumptive illness.

• The Niesh statement at

• The ATSDR statement at

• The US Public Health statement

• A copy of Paul Bailey's VA award, it doesn't make precedence but it shows the logic available at

• The Patches Agent Orange test at the USAF Museum located at

• C-123 Evidence Hyperlinks

For additional assistance or information go to & or email

As always please see your local County Veterans Service Officer if you have any questions. You can contact your local VSO at (218) 631-7617 or by email at and as always have a great week.