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VA eBenefits portal has a new self-service feature

VA is working to enhance the VA/DoD online portal, eBenefits with a new self-service feature that automates the processing of disabled veterans' requests to add family members or change their statuses. Called the Rules Based Processing System (RBPS), it will reduce processing time for changes to compensation benefits associated with a veteran's family member status from months to days. Veterans who have at least a 30 percent VA disability rating can use eBenefits to request a change in family member status to:

• Add a spouse.

• Add a dependent biological child or stepchild.

• Add a child (age 18 to 23) who is enrolled in an educational institution approved by VA.

VA will still manually process paper requests for dependency changes, as well as online requests that do not meet all of the automation criteria. Veterans should still file requests online that do not meet the automation criteria for faster processing. Requests that are not yet fully automated include:

• Requests where the veteran uploads a document (such as a marriage or birth certificate).

• Adding an adopted child.

• Requests that conflict with information already in VA's database, such as conflicting marriage dates.

• The dependent is already in VA's corporate database as a beneficiary or employee (e.g., the dependent is also a Veteran and in receipt of Compensation or the dependent is a VA employee).

If you are not registered for ebenefits use recommend you do so today.

As always please see your local County Veterans Service Officer if you have any questions. You can contact your local VSO at (218) 631-7617 or by email at and as always have a great week.