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Traffic Court

Wadena,Minnesota 56482
Wadena PJ
Traffic Court
Wadena Minnesota 314 S. Jefferson 56482

Mark Allen Malone, 28, New York Mills, Failure to stay 500 ft. behind when driving certain vehicles, fees $140.

Wilbur Lewis Verbeck, 32, Motley, Vehicle weight limitations, fees $190.

Eugene Edward Morthberg II, 30, Wadena, Careless driving, 30 days jail stayed for one year, one year probation, fees $565.

Leon Artago Todd, 25, Wadena, Uninsured vehicle, 10 days jail with 9 days stayed for one year, one year probation, community service, fees $325.

Dustin Michael Carpenter, 19, Staples, Failure to display ATV registration, fees $110.

Jason Alan Burton, 35, Verndale, Vehicle gross weight limit violation, fees $190.

Cole Palle Nymann, 18, Plummer, Minn., Maximum bumper height -- vans, pickup trucks, multipurpose vehicles, fees $140.

Jennifer Lee Burton, 40, Staples, Uninsured vehicle, fees $630.57.

Steven Michael Hall, 25, Minneapolis, Seat belt required, fees $115.

Andre Lawrence Trindade, 24, Fargo, Driving after suspension, speeding (48/40) and windshield prohibitions, fees $370.

Tracy Lynn Pillatzki, 36, Willmar, Driving after revocation and failure to obtain new driver's license after changing name or address, fees $310.

Jason Wade Raddohl, 29, Verndale, DWI -- alcohol concentration .08 within 2 hours, 90 days jail with 88 days stayed for two years, two years probation, fees $1,565 with $550 stayed for one year. Charges of speeding (71/55) and DUI were dismissed at sentencing.