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TCHC designated as acute stroke-ready hospital

Tri-County Health Care (TCHC) has been designated by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) as an acute stroke-ready hospital, meaning that it has the infrastructure, technology, capability and training to care for acute strokes. The designation requires that a stroke-ready hospital always has a stroke team available, a CT scanner onsite and that staff can administer a key clot-dissolving drug called tPA. tPA works best if it is given within hours after stroke symptoms begin, and helps to prevent disability after a stroke.

This designation, earned through meeting criteria established by MDH, confirms that TCHC has staff and resources that are fully qualified and highly skilled to diagnose, stabilize, treat and transfer, if necessary, most patients with stroke. Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in Minnesota, accounting for about 2,000 deaths annually. Minnesota hospitals treat more than 11,000 strokes each year.

"We are very proud of what our team has accomplished to have earned this designation by the MDH," explained Joel Beiswenger, TCHC President and CEO. "Treating patients early in the process can have a significant effect on the patient's prognosis. We have rehearsed the timing of the necessary processes for stroke diagnosis and treatment, knowing that every second counts, and have invested in the technologies and training that are required for quick diagnosis and care. We know how important this level of care can be to the patients and their families in the midst of a stroke crisis, and are very pleased to know that we can make a difference for the people we serve."