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TCH to offer free refresher course on prenatal care

Wadena,Minnesota 56482
Wadena PJ
TCH to offer free refresher course on prenatal care
Wadena Minnesota 314 S. Jefferson 56482

Tri-County Hospital OB Department will offer a refresher course for mothers expecting their second or subsequent children from 6:30-9:30 p.m. on Monday, July 20 at Tri-County Hospital in Wadena. The course is free of charge.

According to Sarah Riedel, OB labor and delivery nurse at Tri-County Hospital, who will be teaching the class, the course is intended for those who've had a baby before but it's been awhile; had a different coach or no coach last time and the coach needs tips; or someone who had their baby at another hospital.

The course will include, but not limited to: warning signs of pregnancy and premature labor; when to go to the hospital; stages of labor and coaching tips; newborn and postpartum care; medical interventions; non-medical pain relief; breast/bottle feeding challenges and rewards; tour of maternity wing and birthing suits; and more.

Partners/coaches are encouraged to attend. The refresher course will be offered four times a year.

Pre-registration is required by calling Kris Wallgren, TCH OB Supervisor, at (218) 632-8781.