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Silly food challenges

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Wadena certainly has some good restaurants that include good food, good service, and a friendly atmosphere. These eateries don't have silly food challenges, which is alright by me. Conversely, if they did have food challenges, that would be just fine by me since I am a bit of a sucker for them.


The first time I signed up for one of these challenges, I was still in college. This particular challenge had nothing to do with food, but with beer. The challenge was to drink 80 beers from 80 different countries. The restaurant got the idea from around the world in 80 days. The good thing is that I had a year to do this. In the end, I would get a shirt saying that I completed the journey. Most of beers were either import or premium beers and I soon realized it was not worth it for me to keep track of it all and spend over $320 for a shirt!

Food was another matter and a safer option than the beer challenge. Plus, the food challenges are a bit more straight-forward and can be accomplished in one sitting. A few weeks before, I had been at a family gathering that included my three children. Part of the discussion was football and who the best NFL coaches were. Someone mentioned former Miami Dolphin head coach, Don Shula. I quickly responded by saying, "Yes. He was a great coach, but have you ever been to his steak house"?

The food challenge at Shula's Steak House involves eating a 48 oz. steak. If you win, you get your name on a plaque that is put on the restaurant wall. The plaque can also be viewed at Shula's website. To date, 39,157 of these big 48-ouncers have been consumed. Ten years ago, I am sure this number was far less, and I am not sure if I am proud or embarrassed to say that I ate two of these in a three-month period. According to my children and family, they all agree that food challenges like this sound like something I would do. However, I wasn't the only one who accomplished the challenge; my good friend Ed ate the big steaks too.

This past week I got an email from Ed and of course, Shula's Steak House came up. Ed lives in Florida where they have several Shula's restaurants. Ed and I agreed that we would again try to conquer the challenge of eating the 48 oz steak at Shula's next time we get together.