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Revision to culvert installation policy

News Wadena,Minnesota 56482
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Revision to culvert installation policy
Wadena Minnesota 314 S. Jefferson 56482

The current Wadena County culvert replacement and installation policy states that all costs of a new entrance are the responsibility of the property owner. Most entrance culvert complaints are due to crushed ends of culverts, caused by driving over the culverts. However, typically one request per year for culvert replacement is due to the failure of the culvert caused by normal life span. Highway Engineer Ryan Odden said he believes the Highway Department should incur all costs of replacing culverts due to normal life span failure. The board approved the proposed language change presented by Odden, as follows:

"Once constructed and accepted by inspection, all culvert materials shall become the property of the Highway Department and the entrances may be maintained by the Highway Department to the right of way line. If determined by the County Engineer an entrance culvert has failed due to normal life span and conditions, the cost of a new culvert and installation of the culvert shall be the Highway Department responsibility."