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Property transfers and marriages 1/23


The Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Compton Congregation, nka Messiah Lutheran Church, hereby conveys to Roger L. Folkestad as Trustee of the Roger L. Folkestad Revocable Living Trust dated 08-22-2007, lot 1 and the Etly 71' of Ntly 9.5' of Lot 2 and the Wtly 69' of Ntly 12.5' of Lot 2, all in Block 45, Northern Pacific Addition to Wadena, subject to an easement over the Wtly 12' of Lot 1 and the Ntly 12.5' of Lot 2 of Block 45 for ingress and egress of motor vehicles for use of garage.

Oliver H. Haugo and Violet M. Haugo, Trustees of the Oliver H. Haugo and Violet M. Haugo Revocable Living Trust dated Jan 22, 2007, hereby conveys to Lawrence R. Kneisl, lots 17 and 18, Block 1, Winkels Addition, and lot 19, Block 1, Winkels Addition, except part of Lot 19, together with an easement for ingress and egress 1 rod in width along the Stly line of excepted property, and part of Lot 19, Block 1, Winkels Addition described as: commencing at the most Wtly corner of said Lot 19, thence SEtly 112.5' on the SW line of said Lot to the southernmost corner of said Lot 19; thence NEtly along the SE line of said Lot 19, 130'; thence NWtly and parallel with the SW line of said Lot 19, 112.5' more or less to the NW line of said Lot 19, thence SWtly on the NW line of said Lot 19, 130' to the point of beginning.

Darol D. Witte and Miriam N. Witte, h&w, hereby conveys to Tommy L. Etzler, a single person, and Dwayne Walters and Lois A. Walters, h&w as jt ten, the SE1/4 SW1/4 of Section 18, Twp 136, R33 and Gov Lot 4, Section 18, Twp 136, R33.

Chadwick M. Hines and Tracy L. Hines, fka Tracy L. Hanson, h&w, hereby conveys to Zachariah S. Anderson, a single person and Lisa M. Thomas, a single person, as jt ten, lot 5, Block 1, High View Estates.

Timothy R. Odland, a single person and SaYon L. Komulainen, aka SaYon L. Kemulainen, a single person, hereby conveys to Jacqueline J. Stewart, lot 6 and the E 12' of Lot 7, Block 10 in the Townsite of Menahga.