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policescanner March 6

Feb. 20

• A yellow Labrador retriever was seen swimming in open water near an aerator on Stocking Lake. The dog was rescued by members of the Menahga Fire Department.

• A semi-tractor truck was damaged while stopped at the Jefferson and Highway 10 intersection when a railroad crossing arm went down on the hood.

• A Wadena-Deer Creek teacher advised police a male student was in the office with a suspicious-looking substance in a plastic bag.

• A caller alleged an older man with a gray beard had been following her around town and was parked next to her at the Holiday station in Wadena.

Feb. 21

• A complaint was made about a chair in front of a house. The owner of the chair said he would have it removed sometime but thought it might be frozen down.

Feb. 22

• A caller requested assistance from law enforcement in repairing her gutter so she could get out of her house. The caller had contacted the landlord but he had failed to take care of the problem.

• Suspicious activity was reported by a Wadena resident after she observed a dark-colored car sitting in her driveway for 10 minutes with the headlights on. An officer contacted the man driving the car and found he was waiting to pick up his daughter from work. The officer took him to his daughter's correct location.

• A caller reported being harassed by a man because he had not returned some movies. An officer told the caller to return the movies and call back if the harassment continued.

Feb. 23

• A woman reported the theft of a purse from her vehicle while it was parked across the street from the Wadena State Bank a week earlier. Stolen items included two checkbooks, some credit cards and more than $800 cash.

Feb. 24

• A drug-sniffing dog found a small amount of marijuana and some drug paraphernalia during a search at the Wadena-Deer Creek Middle School.

• A deputy observed two men walking along Highway 71. The men told the deputy they were walking from a friend's house to town to get cigarettes. Dispatch contacted the Bell Hill Recovery Center and was informed both men were clients. Bell Hill sent a driver to pick up the two men.

Feb. 25

• A herd of black cattle was spotted on a roadway in the vicinity of 181st Avenue North and County Road 10. The owner of the cattle was contacted and took care of the problem. He told a deputy the cattle are walking over the fence because the snow is so deep and the electric fence is not grounding.

• A renter alleged her landlord had broken a door and had not returned to fix it. The renter said she was losing a lot of propane heat due to the broken door. The landlord was contacted by law enforcement about the complaint. He alleged the renter is three months behind on her rent and he is in the process of evicting her. The landlord denied there was a heating problem because she was running space heaters and he was paying the electrical bill. The landlord said he would fix the door when the rent was paid in full.

• A caller reported two occupants of a Dodge Dakota pickup were stuck in three feet of snow at Cottingham Park. A Wadena County Sheriff's Office snowmobile was used to rescue the occupants who were not properly dressed for the 15 below weather.

• A complainant said a man stole a stroller from a county transfer station. The man returned the stroller to the transfer station and apologized to employees at the site for his actions.

Feb. 26

• Police were notified by Walmart that needles along with an expired bottle of liquid medication were apparently left behind by a customer and would have to be destroyed unless the customer was identified by reviewing camera recordings.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.