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police scanner - April 17 edition

April 4

• A rural Wadena County resident contacted law enforcement after he found another person's mail box at the end of his driveway. The postmaster in Sebeka was contacted but he did not recognize the name on the box. The owner of the box was finally located by the police. The box had been reported missing a week earlier from a residence in Otter Tail County.

• A caller reported two males to be fighting and a car in the ditch on Highway 10 near Wensman Seed. The fight was broken up and one of the men was transported to McDonald's in Wadena.

• A man requested a deputy stop at his residence in reference to his ex-wife video taping him and driving past his home.

• A state patrol officer located a man hitchhiking on Highway 10. The hitch hiker became upset with the officer when the officer refused to give him a ride to St. Cloud. The hitch hiker told the officer he paid his wages and started using vulgar language. He was advised he could go to jail for his behavior. He kept walking and was advised not to solicit any more rides.

April 5

• A rural Verndale resident contacted law enforcement about a suspicious blue object which was thrown out of a passing vehicle. The object turned out to be a propane torch. The gas was on but the torch had not been lighted. The resident saw the vehicle pull into his neighbor's driveway. A deputy contacted the driver and was given a citation for littering.

• A caller told law enforcement that a friend living in Verndale sent him a text message with the word "help" and he was worried about her because her husband had been abusive in the past. Police contacted the people and found there was no problem.

April 6

• A complainant reported a silver car drove past her residence, a beer can was thrown out the window and some shots were fired. The incident was confirmed by another person who said the gunshots sounded like they came from a shotgun. A deputy was unable to locate the vehicle.

April 7

• A caller said she was bitten on the leg by the dog when she stopped at a rural Wadena County residence. After failing to get a record of the dog's shots from the owner she decided to ask for help from law enforcement.

• Police received a complaint from a woman who said a neighbor had opened the bottom of her apartment door and slid a bowl of cat food into her apartment because she thought the cat was suffering. An officer contacted the neighbor and advised her she would be cited for trespassing if she attempted to open the door again. The neighbor said she thought the cat was dying and she would do what she feels she must to help it.

April 8

• A woman alleged a man was threatening to harm her family and was chasing them around at the Orton's gas station in Menahga. While police were on the phone with the complainant, a 911 call was received about a man who was hollering and jumping in front of vehicles. Deputies assisted the Menahga Police Department in transporting an intoxicated and possibly suicidal male to Tri County Health Care for evaluation.

• The owner of a 1998 Grand Prix found three of the tires punctured on the vehicle. It appeared someone had let the air out of the fourth tire.

• Police were notified that a woman was screaming inside her apartment in Wadena and requested they check on her condition. The woman told police she was having a breakdown. She was advised to quiet down and stop yelling. She said she would and that she would be fine but the officer did not even make it down the hallway before she started yelling again. She was transported to Tri-County Health Care without incident.

April 9

• A K9 search at the Area Learning Center turned up a marijuana pipe, a bag suspected of containing marijuana and a razor blade.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.