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Police scanner - April 10 edition

March 27

• A deputy encountered a man walking along County Road 30 who said he was on his way to Bell Hill. The deputy contacted Bell Hill and was told they did not want the man at their facility. When the man was given the news he said he would wait for a train in Staples.

March 28

• A caller alleged he had once again been threatened by his son. The caller was advised he needed to call at the time the incidents happened.

• Law enforcement received a report of suspicious activity at a motel on Highway 10. The caller said it appeared that another man had taken a shotgun into his room. The caller said he was checking out and alleged the people in the room were known meth dealers. He gave a description of the man and said he was in the company of a woman. A deputy checked out the report and found the item was not a shotgun but a sword. The deputy was allowed to search the room but found nothing else.

• A white Oldsmobile 88 was found parked in a lane at Black’s Grove at mid-morning with the windows frosted over and a blanket in the back seat. The car’s owner said he was between jobs and did not have a place to live. He said he arrived at the park at 2 a.m. and had slept there in his car longer than he intended. There was no indication of alcoholic beverages or mood-altering chemicals in the car. He received a provision package from the Food Shelter.

March 29

• A woman reported that a man who lived in the same apartment complex just entered her apartment. She had to tell him to leave three times before he would go. She gave a description of the man, who was later arrested for trespassing.

• A woman contacted police and said her car was damaged sometime during the evening when she was attending a play at the Memorial Auditorium. The back window was smashed and the passenger side mirror was broken.

March 30

• A woman reported that on March 27 a white male approached her and made sexual comments. The complainant asked if anything could be done.

• An anonymous caller reported kids for wrestling near the dumpsters behind the elementary school. An officer investigated and found the kids sitting on the sidewalk east of the playground equipment.

• A man found a bag with a white powder inside of it and wanted a deputy to check it. The substance was believed to be baking soda.

• Law enforcement was notified by a man who heard gunshots south of his place on Highway 71. He was advised that it was legal to shoot a gun during daytime hours and was advised to call back if he heard shooting at night.

• A caller identified a man and alleged he was attempting to lure young females into his apartment.

March 31

• A funeral home employee relayed a request from a family asking for extra patrols during an upcoming funeral because they were did not want anyone at their residence during the funeral.

April 1

• A caller reported possible smoke and sparks coming from the rooftop of a Wadena residence. An officer found it was blowing snow and the light was making it look like smoke.

• A complainant alleged another man made verbal threats against him in front of his three-year-old child. The man also said his girlfriend was going to re-apply for an order for protection against the man.

April 2

• An adult male was reported for driving a scooter too fast on a Wadena sidewalk and nearly hitting Edward Jones employee.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.